Root canals and dental implants in Fairfield, CT

Have you lost a tooth to old age or wear and tear? Then you need the restorative dentistry available at Perfect Smiles of Fairfield. We use state-of-the-art materials to replace missing teeth, and relatively painless procedures to save teeth that might otherwise need to be removed. In the case that a tooth needs to be extracted, we will do so in a manner that will ensure speedy recovery and minimal pain. Whatever your smile needs, we are here to provide it!

Expert endodontic services

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of the root and pulp of the tooth. Sometimes the soft tissue inside the tooth can become inflamed and infected, and the problem may spread damage throughout the jaw and tooth if left untreated. Root canal therapy is an effective way to prevent this escalation, and restore your tooth to perfect condition. After anesthesia is administered, a portion of the tooth is cut away to reveal the pulp, which is removed and replaced with a biocompatible filling. Afterwards, the gap in the tooth is resealed, and the tooth is as good as new after a short recovery period. While root canals suffer from a bad reputation, modern techniques have made the process quite painless and easy to recover from.


If you’ve lost a tooth or several teeth, there are a number of solutions available that integrate seamlessly into your smile. Complete or partial dentures are a very popular option, since they are extremely durable, attractive and easy to maintain. For a single missing tooth, we offer expertly engineered replacement teeth that are implanted directly into the jawbone. With proper care, these implants can last decades, and blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth. Dental bridges are perfect for repairing a series of adjacent missing teeth, and work by spanning the missing space with prosthetics. The two good teeth on either side of the gap are filed down to serve as anchors for a row of prosthetic teeth that perfectly fit in with the surrounding teeth. A single damaged tooth can also be restored through the use of a porcelain or ceramic crown, which fit onto the top of the tooth to seal and reinforce the structure of the tooth. Ask your doctor which of these procedures is right for your needs and for your budget.

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